Jennifer Aniston Signs On To “Days Of Our Lives” — And She’s Not The Only Star Returning To Daytime Soaps

Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Franco

On Monday, news broke that Jennifer Aniston would be returning to television as a guest star on “Days of Our Lives.”

The pay? “Less than $650 a day.”

Doesn’t seem like much for someone who is reported to make close to $30 million a year.

But the appearance is hoped to give a much-needed boost to the daytime classic’s ratings — especially since Aniston’s father John Aniston is a part of the cast.

But Aniston’s not alone in her return to TV.

Several stars have come back to help say goodbye to one of daytime’s long-running favourites.

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently confirmed that she will have a cameo on final televised episode of “All My Children” on September 23 — the same soap in which she starred as “Kendall” from 1993-1995, though her new role is so far unknown.

Meanwhile, Josh Duhamel also returned to “All My Children,” reprising his role of con artist “Leo Du Pres.”

Also on ABC, James Franco will reprise his 2009 guest spot on “General Hospital” this fall as part of a “‘longterm’ storyline,” though his decision to return to the soap is a likely bit different from the other stars mentioned:

“His decision to guest star on the soap opera was all part of an art-imitating-life film he’s working on.”