Jennifer Aniston said she is ‘no longer afraid’ of eating bread and pasta

Jennifer Aniston, the actress, accepting an award/a baker in a white chef's coat holding a large basket of different loaves of bread
  • Jennifer Aniston recently told People that she’s embracing more bread and pasta in her life.
  • The star previously stuck to a low-carb diet with lots of salads, eggs, and smoothies.
  • She’s now enjoying carbs in moderation, which experts agree is a good approach to healthy eating.
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Jennifer Aniston has gone over to the carb side. A longtime proponent of low-carb eating and intermittent fasting, the actress has begun to enjoy pasta and sandwiches, she told People in a recent interview.

“Everyone’s very afraid of the bread basket, and I’m no longer afraid. As long as it’s all done in moderation,” Aniston said.

Previously, the star said her diet staples included lemon water, eggs, avocado, protein smoothies, and salads, and she considered pasta and Mexican food an indulgence.

Experts agree that you don’t have to cut out bread or pasta to eat healthily, or even lose weight. Carbs are often unfairly demonized, according to nutritionists, when it may be calorie-dense toppings like peanut butter, cheese and mayonnaise that can stall weight loss.