George W. Bush's daughter explains why she chose the University of Texas when her dad was running for president

While settling on a college is often the cause of much anxiety for high school seniors, Jenna Bush Hager, the younger fraternal twin daughter of George W. Bush, said her decision to attend the University of Texas at Austin was simple.

“I think I was a Texas Longhorn fan for my entire life,” she explained on NBC’s “Why I Chose” series. “I always dreamed of going to Texas.”

Hager said her decision felt natural, especially during her stressful senior year as her father was running for president. She had a large group of friends who were also attending UT-Austin, and she looked forward to having loved ones nearby.

She also provided some insight into how much her college choices differed from her sister Barbara’s.

“My twin sister applied to all Ivy Leagues plus Stanford and she got into every single one of them,” Hager said. “I applied to a lot of big public universities,” she continued.

When asked what college advice she would give to current first daughter Malia Obama, she said not to worry about being perfect. “College is a time, in a safe way, to make mistakes and explore who you are.”

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