The Woman Who Said Michael Arrington Raped Her Has Responded To His Lawsuit

Jenn AllenJenn Allen

Earlier this month, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington

sued an ex-girlfriend, Jenn Allen, for defamation, after she publicly accused him of physical and emotional abuse.Allen has now officially responded to Arrington’s suit, court documents from her lawyers show. The documents were¬†posted online by Valleywag¬†Wednesday.

The documents show Allen defending her statements about Arrington, not backing down from them.

She is denying Arrington’s major claims in his lawsuit, namely that she was trying to “to destroy his reputation.”

Allen admits that she made most of the statements that were attributed to her, and that she believes them, although she now says that she got a date wrong (“pleads that she was incorrect in stating the date on which the incidents” occurred). A lot of Arrington’s evidence in his lawsuit are pinned on the dates and the communications Allen sent to him after the date she says she was raped.

One odd thing that Valleywag points out, is that Allen denies “for lack of knowledge” a Facebook comment from her account that went into depth about her accusations, with no explanation for that denial.

Arrington, who is now a prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist, has categorically denied all accusations. In his lawsuit, his lawyers produced a string of messages from Allen that suggest that Allen’s claims were motivated by frustration that he had discontinued their relationship. We’ve documented those messages here.

Arrington is seeking “general” and “special damages.” He also wants the cost of the lawsuit covered and “any other relief the court deems just and proper.”

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