Police officers mistakenly shot and killed a security guard at an Illinois bar after he pulled out his gun to stop an armed patron

Manny’s Blue Room Bar in Robbins, Illinois Google Maps
  • Jemel Roberson, 26, was shot and killed by a police officer early Sunday morning at Manny’s Blue Room Lounge in Robbins, Illinois.
  • Roberson, an armed security guard, had just apprehended a bar patron involved in a gunfight when police arrived.
  • Police saw Roberson with a gun and opened fire, witnesses said.

A 26-year-old security guard was mistakenly shot and killed by police after officers saw him holding an armed patron at gunpoint following reports of gunfire an Illinois nightclub.

Jemel Roberson was killed by police early Sunday morning at Manny’s Blue Room Bar in Robbins, Illinois, after a gunfight between drunk patrons, witnesses told WGN9.

Security had asked a group of drunk men to leave the bar at around 4 a.m., but some came back with a gun and opened fire, witnesses said.

Security returned fire, and Roberson apprehended one of the men involved before police arrived on scene.

“He had somebody on the ground with his knee in back, with his gun in his back like, ‘Don’t move,'” witness Adam Harris told WGN9.

A police officer responding to the scene saw Roberson with the gun and fired, despite witnesses screaming that he was a security guard.

“Everybody was screaming out ‘security,’ he was a security guard,” Harris said. “And they still did their job and saw a black man with a gun and basically killed him.”

Authorities have released few details about Roberson’s death and the initial gunfight, but at least four people including Roberson were shot at Manny’s early Sunday morning.

At least one of the injured people was believed to be a shooter in the initial gunfire incident, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

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Midlothian police Chief Dan Delaney released a statement to ABC 7 about the incident.

“Upon arrival, officers learned there were several gunshot victims inside the bar. A Midlothian Officer encountered a subject with a gun and was involved in an Officer involved shooting. The subject the Officer shot was later pronounced deceased at an area hospital,’ the statement said.

The bar shooting is being investigated by the Cook County sheriff’s office, and the shooting involving the Midlothian officer and Roberson is being handled by the Illinois State Police.

Roberson wanted to one day become a police officer, Patricia Hill, the pastor of Purposed Hill in Chicago, told WGN9. He was also a musician who played at several Chicago-area churches.