How To Use The New App From Twitter's Co-Founder That Everyone's Buzzing About Right Now

Jelly is a new social networking app made by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. It’s sort of a mix between a mobile search engine and question and answer service.

If someone finds something out in the real world they’d like to learn more about, they can take a picture of the object and upload it to the network. Jelly is equipped with basic photo editing tools like crop and zoom.

Jelly utilizes your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to distribute the image and see if they will provide the answers you need.

Here's the welcome screen. Swipe down to navigate through the menus.

Jelly will need access to your Facebook and Twitter. Tap once on the Facebook icon for it to upload your friends.

Give Jelly permission to access all your likes and checkins.

The app works best with multiple services, so make sure you sync it with Twitter.

In order to get started, Jelly needs access to your location.

Once the setup process is over, the app will go right to the camera. Take a picture of something.

After capturing the object, here are the tools to edit the image.

Enter your question at the top.

Use the draw tool to doodle on the image. By creating an arrow, you'll make your question more specific. Be clever!

Upload the picture to Jelly's network after you finish all of your edits.

Here's Jelly's network. These are some of the other questions people have asked. Tap Answer on the bottom left to help with the question.

Swipe down to answer a different question.

Here's your activity. It monitors how many pictures you post, questions you answer, and if anyone has helped you.

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