Indicted ex-FIFA official posted his $10 million bond with 11 watches, 10 properties, 3 cars, and his wife's wedding ring

Former FIFA vice president Jeffrey Webb was forced to hand over “a treasure chest full of items” in order to post his $US10 million bond, and secure his release from custody, this past weekend, according to multiple news outlets.

Webb, who also served as president of CONCACAF, reportedly provided 11 luxury watches, 10 properties, three cars, and his wife’s diamond wedding ring, among other items in order to secure his bond. According to the Associated Press, Webb turned over:

  • 11 luxury watches — five of which are Rolex watches, as well as a Cartier Roadster, Hublot, Breitling, Panerai, Royal Oak Offshore and Luminor Marina
  • 10 properties — none of which are named
  • Three luxury cars — a 2015 Ferrari, a 2014 Range Rover (in his wife’s name), and a 2003 Mercedes-Benz
  • One diamond wedding ring — provided by his wife
  • One diamond bracelet  — provided by his wife
  • One diamond and pearl necklace  — provided by his wife
  • One pair of pearl earrings  — provided by his wife
  • One pair of long-hanging diamond earrings  — provided by his wife
  • 401k account in his wife’s name  — provided by his wife
  • His wife’s partner equity interest in a company whose name was redacted  — provided by his wife

Webb was indicted, along with eight other high-ranking FIFA officials, by the US Justice Department for his role in the much-publicized FIFA corruption and bribery scandal. He pleaded not guilty to bribery and racketeering charges in federal court Sunday, and was released following his arraignment, according to LA Times’ Kevin Baxter.

Here is Webb’s release order (via Deadspin):

Jeffrey Webb

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