JEFFREY TOOBIN: Glenn Greenwald's Partner Was Like A 'Drug Mule' Carrying His Information

Jeffrey Toobin, the CNN and
New Yorkerlegal analyst, compared Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda to a “drug mule” ferrying information, which Toobin said led to Miranda’s
lengthy detention on Sunday by UK authorities.

Miranda, 28, was detained for nine hours on Sunday under a UK anti-terror law. He spent a week in Berlin visiting journalist Laura Poitras, who has been working with Greenwald to publish stories based on leaked information from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Toobin Tuesday night — after Greenwald and Miranda made a joint appearance on the show — whether he thought the British government was justified in its nine-hour detention.

“I sure do,” Toobin said.

“Let’s be clear about what Mr. Miranda’s role was here. I don’t want to be unkind, but he was a mule. He was given something — he didn’t know what it was — for one person to pass to another at the other end of an airport. Our prisons are full of drug mules…”

Toobin went on to say that Greenwald’s view of the situation — that because he is a journalist at one end of the exchange — means Greenwald thinks that Miranda could have taken “anything he wants.” Nuclear launch codes, names of undercover agents, and more.

After the exchange aired on CNN, Greenwald took to Twitter to slam Toobin’s comments:

Watch the full video below:

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