Jeffrey Toobin calls out Baltimore's 'shocking display of incompetence'

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on CNN Monday night that the city of Baltimore had “really disgraced itself” with its response to the looting and fires that ravaged the city on Monday.

“The disappearance of the police for hours this afternoon is something that is going to haunt this city for decades,” Toobin said.

The mass unrest came the same day 25-year-old Freddie Grey was buried after suffering a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody. The city let hour after hour pass where people in the city looted, according to Toobin.

“I think it was a shocking display of incompetence by the city of Baltimore,” he said.

Toobin also said the response of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for not having a press conference on the riots until 8 p.m., and he questioned the tone of that press conference.

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