A Former UBS Banker Became Mentally Unstable After A Helicopter Crash And Spent Millions On Total Strangers

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera

A former banker, who became mentally unstable after surviving a helicopter crash, spent millions on two strangers and his financial adviser did nothing to stop it, the New York Post reports citing a lawsuit filed by the banker’s lawyer brother/legal guardian. 

According to the Post, the suit alleges that in 2010, Jeffrey Horan, who worked at Lehman Brothers and UBS, gave a New Jersey contractor a $460,000 Lamborghini and $600,000 to work on his Upper East Side apartment.

The suit also alleges that Horan bought a Queens woman a $72,000 Mercedes and gave her $300,000. 

What’s more is his Bank of America financial adviser, who was aware of his mental condition, did nothing to stop it, the report said.

The suit is seeking millions in damages from the two strangers, identified in the suit as Alex Gershkovich and Erika Oritz, as well as BofA, the report said. 

According to the New York Daily News, Horan and a bunch of UBS execs were flying home from a Philadelphia 76ers game during the NBA playoffs in 2001 when the helicopter slammed into tree.  Everyone on board, including the pilot, survived. 

Ever since the crash, Horan started to go downhill mentally, the report said citing the suit. 

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