Jeffree Star says he designed the packaging of his new eye shadow to prevent shipping damage after frequent complaints about the Conspiracy palette

Jeffree Star/YouTubeJeffree Star’s latest makeup collection is called Blood Lust.
  • Jeffree Star unveiled his Blood Lust makeup collection in a new YouTube video on Tuesday.
  • The focal point of his latest line is the $US54 Blood Lust eye-shadow palette, which features 18 shades in a hexagon-shaped velvet-lined box.
  • According to Star, he added a cardboard bumper to every eye-shadow box to ensure that the palettes don’t break while being shipped to customers.
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics has faced accusations of shipping broken palettes in the past, though it’s a common issue throughout the beauty industry.
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Jeffree Star has seemingly found a solution to one of the beauty industry’s most frustrating problems: eye-shadow palettes that break in the mail.

The YouTuber unveiled his Blood Lust makeup collection in a YouTube video on Tuesday, and provided both swatches and information about the products.

Star also detailed a new packaging design that his company is utilising to help prevent eye-shadow palettes from breaking into pieces during the shipping process.

Jeffree Star’s new eye-shadow palette comes with a cardboard bumper to prevent damage

Before showing the actual Blood Lust eye-shadow palette in his new YouTube video, Star explained how the product is packaged in numerous boxes to ensure it arrives to customers in one piece.

“You guys know I am the most honest person, and I wanna have full transparency,” Star said in his video. “When shipping eye-shadow palettes, sometimes – what happens, y’all? They break. It happens with anyone that ships any palette on the planet.”

“So when creating this, I said I didn’t want to create a square unit carton,” he said. “I wanted to create a buffer, and almost like a bumper, so even if there’s no bubble wrap, even if there’s 20 million bubble wraps around this, I wanted to make sure that you had a palette that when you opened it, whether you throw the box away or you keep it, your shadows were intact.”

Jeffree starJeffree Star/YouTubeJeffree Star’s new palette is packaged in a cardboard box.

He went on to explain that inside the exterior unit carton, which is purple and embossed with the Blood Lust logo, customers will find their palette protected by another layer of cardboard.

“There is this bumper around it where if you get it, it may have a little bit of creasing in here, but this is a protector,” Star said. “Once you get your palette b—-, you can throw it out, you can keep it if you want, but it is gonna make sure that your palette stays flawless.”

Jeffree Star/YouTubeThe cardboard bumper can be removed.

People previously said they received broken palettes from Star’s brand when it launched a collaboration with Shane Dawson

Back in November 2019, some people said they received broken Conspiracy eye-shadow palettes from the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Cosmetics line. Many of those who complained said they purchased the product from Beauty Bay, a UK retailer that sells Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Though Star never addressed the complaints, he did respond to one Twitter user, promising to send them a new palette. He also confirmed that fibres were found in “35 palettes out of 1.1 million sold,” but that customers could get a refund and new product by reaching out to the brand.

It’s common for makeup to break while being shipped to customers

Though influencers like Star and Jaclyn Hill often take the heat when their cosmetic brands make mistakes, broken makeup palettes are actually common throughout the beauty industry.

Searches for “broken palette” and “broken eye shadow” on Twitter, for example, reveal how often customers reach out to brands with similar complaints.

Representatives for Jeffree Star and Jeffree Star Cosmetics did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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