YouTube influencer Jeffree Star says his stolen makeup was being sold at Burlington stores after burglars ransacked $2.5 million worth of beauty products from his warehouse

Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty ImagesJeffree Star is the beauty mogul behind Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
  • On Sunday, a Twitter user shared photos of Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipsticks that they said were sold at Burlington Coat Factory with discounted price tags.
  • YouTube influencer Jeffree Star responded to the photos on Monday, and said the products were “expired and sadly stolen.”
  • Burlington Coat Factory responded to Star on Tuesday and said the company has stopped selling the lipsticks.
  • On April 2, Star said in a YouTube video that $US2.5 million worth of makeup, including new products and expired items, was stolen from one of his warehouses by black-market dealers.
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Just under a month after YouTube influencer Jeffree Star said burglars had ransacked his makeup warehouse, shoppers say they have found products from the makeup mogul’s brand being sold at discount retail chain Burlington Coat Factory.

Star says he was alerted to his products being sold at the store after Twitter user @rei_m3m shared photos of liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics labelled with discounted price tags at a Burlington Coat Factory store on Sunday.

Speaking to INSIDER, Twitter user @rei_m3m, who goes by the name Perla G., said she found the photos on Facebook

Perla G. said she saw the images on the Facebook beauty group Boxy Babes, where members can “trade, sell, buy, and discuss” products from subscription boxes like Boxy Charm, and share general makeup news.

Another makeup fan also shared images of liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics that they say were found at a Burlington Coat Factory store on April 3, posting photos and videos of the products on Facebook.

It’s unclear whether the items appeared at different Burlington Coat Factory stores, though Facebook users commenting on the Facebook post have claimed to see Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup in stores in Washington state.

Star responded to Perla G.’s tweet on Monday, and said the lipsticks were ‘expired and sadly stolen’

He also said his lawyer was working to find out “how and why Burlington would ever allow this.”

On Tuesday, Burlington Coat Factory reached out to Star over Facebook and Twitter, and said the lipsticks have been removed from its stores

Representatives for Burlington Coat Factory also said on the brand’s official Twitter account that its stores are “committed to selling only authentic, authorised, and legally sourced product.”

“We have discontinued sales of these products and are immediately pulling remaining units from our stores,” the store representatives confirmed.

Star thanked the retailer for its response on Twitter, and said his team will continue to ‘handle this behind the scenes and investigate’

The beauty mogul also spoke about the incident in an Instagram story, where he said he appreciated how Burlington Coat Factory handled the issue.

“There’s been a lot of companies that just keep their mouths shut,” Star said in an Instagram story on Tuesday. “They try to sweep things under the rug. They want to keep it cute behind the scenes. But I really appreciate [Burlington Coat Factory] actually saying things on social media.”

Jeffree star cosmeticsRosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty ImagesPeople said they saw Liquid Lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics being sold at Burlington stores.

Previously on April 2, Star said in a YouTube video that $US2.5 million worth of makeup – including new and unreleased products as well as expired items – was stolen from one of his warehouses by black-market dealers.

According to photos obtained by TMZ, intruders entered the Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse after cutting a hole through the roof. They then stole a range of expired products, as well as an entire shade of the unreleased Magic Star concealer, according to Star.

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YouTube influencer Jeffree Star says burglars cut through the roof of his warehouse and ransacked $US2.5 million in makeup

“This is the biggest theft I have ever experienced in my entire career,” Star said in a video about the robbery. “This is my biggest hit as a brand. I am still shocked about the entire thing.”

Representatives for Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Burlington Coat Factory did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s requests for comment.

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