Watch makeup artist Jeffree Star try the new Kit Kat-inspired eye-shadow palette that comes with an actual chocolate bar

Jeffree Star/YouTubeStar reviewed the Kit Kat-inspired palettes on his YouTube channel.
  • On his YouTube channel, beauty mogul Jeffree Star reviewed two Kit Kat-inspired eye-shadow palettes, which were created by South Korean brand Etude House.
  • The red version of the palette is called “Original,” and the pink one is called “Strawberry Tiramisu.” Both versions are said to smell like chocolate.
  • Star loved the packaging of the products, as well as the Kit Kat-themed makeup bag and actual candy that came with each palette.
  • While he said the various brown shades were easy to blend, Star said he wasn’t a fan of the pink and red shadows; he felt they were too sheer, though he did note that Korean beauty trends tend to lean toward softer, more minimal looks.
  • Watch Star’s video below to see his full experience using the Kit Kat-inspired eye-shadow palettes.

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