BANKER BOXER: 'If You're Getting Paid The Same Number As A Brain Surgeon, Stop Crying'

Jefferies Group managing director Sean George, who heads credit derivatives at the firm, competed in his first Muay Thai competition– a physical combat sport that uses punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes on the other opponent, Bloomberg TV reports.  

After losing the fight, George, who was sporting swollen eye, spoke with “Market Makers” anchor Stephanie Ruhle about what people on Wall Street are feeling these days.

He told Ruhle that Wall Streeters aren’t stressed, but they’re sad.  

“They don’t have any risk.  There’s nothing to be stressed about,” he said. That’s probably why the senior trader finds his risk in the ring.

George said these days you can get paid a little more than your base salary, but that’s better than the alternative — getting fired.

“The business needs to realise that if you’re getting paid the same number as a brain surgeon, stop crying.” 

“There’s a lot of spoiled, entitled people in this business,”  he added.

Check out the video below.  


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