Judge Says Jefferies Was Wrong To Fire Trader For Sending Around A Hitler 'Downfall' Meme

If you spent more than a week on the Internet in the late 2000s, you know the meme.

In a tense scene from the 2004 German movie “Downfall,” Hitler lambastes his lieutenants. Parodied subtitles read something completely different.

Hilarity ensues.

Not for a trader at Jefferies Group, who was terminated for sending a version of the viral video where Hitler is Jamie Dimon and the issue at hand is bets on the price of silver.

Now a judge has ruled the firing was wrongful, Bloomberg reports. 

Former Asia head of equity trading Grant Williams was fired from Jefferies when he linked to the video in a newsletter to subscribers.

From Bloomberg:

Jefferies management was “hypersensitive” and “irrational,” in its response to the publication of the Dec. 7, 2010 client newsletter, Judge Conrad Seagroatt said in issuing his decision today in Hong Kong’s High Court.

Williams is seeking damages of at least HK$13 million ($1.7 million) for wrongful dismissal and Jefferies’ breach of trust and confidence, his lawyer Kevin Bowers said. Seagroatt said he would issue written reasons for his decision and rule on the damages later.

If anything, the trader should have been fired for using a stale relic of Internet culture. Here’s the curse-heavy, “offensive” video.

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