Jeff Skilling Will Get A Week In Solitary Confinement If He Tries To Buy A Cup Of Coffee

Jeff Skilling Wierd Face
Jeff Skilling leaving court in 2006, following his sentence hearing.

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Jeff Skilling, the disgraced former CEO of Enron who’s currently in jail, lived under strict rules at the Waseca prison in Minnesota.He wasn’t allowed to buy coffee from the jail’s visitor room or else he’d be sent to solitary confinement for a week, says Fortune.

You might think the guards were afraid that the caffeine might jack him up too much, but nah, apparently none of the inmates were allowed to buy coffee, because they aren’t allowed to carry money.

From Fortune Magazine:

90 minutes into our meeting, Skilling lowered his eyes to the floor. “I apologise for asking,” he said, embarrassment in his voice. “Could you buy me a cup of coffee? Inmates aren’t allowed to touch money or approach the machines. They could put me in solitary for a week.”

He got a French Vanilla Latte.

And speaking of being harsh, Skilling also says he’s a victim of the US government, for what he claims was “prosecutorial abuse.”

(Keep in mind that Skilling’s judgement has been questioned before, when he got into a fight with several men at a Manhattan bar because he worried that they were FBI agents.)

Take note that the interview is from 2008, two years before he appeared before the court to try to get his case appealed. Now Skilling is at a facility in Englewood, Colorado.

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