JEFF SAUT: I've Heard That EU Leaders Are Looking Into A €2,000,000,000,000 Bailout Bazooka

jeff saut

Jeffrey Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James, is one of the smartest minds on Wall Street.

In a new interview with King World News, Saut shares a rumour that he has heard about an enormous bailout program for the beleagured eurozone.

If you read the tape today, you can see that Monty and Hollande are pushing for a more unified front, whereas Merkel is avoiding the topic for right now.  She did endorse a more pro-growth package.  But as we speak, the details are still not out there on how it will be structured or how it will be financed.

What I am hearing is they are readying a two trillion euro bailout package.  If that happens, I think it almost puts our Federal Reserve into a box whereby they will have to provide some kind of liquidity event in order to keep the US dollar from spiking higher because the powers that be don’t want a stronger dollar.

That’s no small amount of money.  Whether or not that rumour materialises, we shall see.


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