MLB pitcher who makes $10 million lived in hotels when he played for the A's because the rent in San Francisco was too expensive

Jeff samardzija white soxJohn Locher/APJeff Samardzija is making nearly $US10 million this season.

When Chicago White Sox pitcher Jeff Samardzija was traded from the Chicago Cubs to the Oakland A’s during the 2014 season, he spent his time in the Bay Area moving from hotel to hotel.

Samardzija told USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that rent prices in San Francisco were too high to lease a place.

Samardzija said, “I guess I could have rented a place in San Francisco, but they were charging like $US7,500 for a loft. I was like, ‘No chance, dude.'”

Instead, he moved from hotel to hotel, noting that he could “write a review on five-star hotels in San Francisco” and that the Four Seasons was the best.

After Samardzija was traded from the Cubs, he sold his house, and now that he’s back in Chicago, he’s once again renting.

According to Baseball Reference, Samardzija made $US5.3 million in 2014, and in the offseason, he and the White Sox agreed to a $US9.8 million contract for 2015. He’s made nearly $US23 million prior to this season.

In September 2014, San Francisco was named the most expensive city in the U.S. for one-bedroom apartments, beating out New York City.

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