JEFF GUNDLACH: This Joe Weisenthal Post Was A Total Disaster

Gundlach fake twitter

Back on May 29, I wrote a post titled: Here’s One Jeff Gundlach Trade That’s Already A Disaster.

The gist was that Gundlach (the world’s #1 performing bond investor) had made a call to go long Spain and short the US, and that at the time that trade wasn’t doing well.

So we pointed it out.

But things have changed a little bit, and Spain is absolutely going bonkers today after last night’s bailout.

So we just got an email from Jeff titled: Weisenthal May 29 Post a TOTAL disaster!

The body of the email:

Since May 29:

SPX: +1.7%

IBEX:  +13.3

Since May 16:

SPX:  +2.2%

IBEX:  +7.1%

Like I said, Long IBEX, Short SPX to play the inflationary “fix.”

Looking forward to your updated post!



Happy, Jeff?

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