Jeff Gundlach Slams TCW For Taking Credit For His Track Record


Jeff Gundlach’s war with his former employer TCW continues.

Last month, The Reformed Broker Josh Brown called out TCW for receiving an award and taking credit for the long-term returns of the TCW Total Return Bond Fund.  Brown pointed out that the bulk of those returns were built by Jeff Gundlach, who left TCW in 2009.

Not only was this disrespectful to Gundlach, but it was deeply misleading to current and future investors.

Well, Gundlach isn’t staying quiet about the matter either.

From InvestmentNews’ Jason Kephart:

“It’s utterly inappropriate for them to be talking about the long-term track record of a fund they had nothing to do with,” Mr. Gundlach said. “It’s offensive to everyone in the industry.”

Gundlach will be hosting a conference call and leading a presentation tomorrow afternoon.  Odds are this issue will come up during the Q&A.  We’ll be covering it live on

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