JEFF GUNDLACH: If I Were A Young Hedge Fund Manager, This Is The Insane Contrarian Trade I Would Make Right Now

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Photo: CNBC

Earlier we got to see bond legend Jeff Gundlach speak at the New York Yacht Club.You can see his presentation here >

In his speech he presented his trade idea that he would pull if he were a 29-year old hedge fund manager wearing a garish pink shirt with thick grey stripes.

He writes: “If I were one of the nutty hedge fund guys, I would go short Apple, long natural gas, and leverage it 100x.”

This is pretty much the most contrarian trade imaginable.

Apple is loved by everyone, and natural gas is ultra-cheap.

He compares natural gas to buying gold in the late 90s, and says it’s a “no brainer” that in a world where oil is surging and we want to avoid Mideast dependence that eventually we will take advantage of cheap natural gas.

He knows we’re near a bottom there, because he finally heard someone say that gas is going to $0, a sure sign that we’re near a bottom.

As for Apple, he compares it to Google at its peak, and says that the company will have to start selling in other countries if it’s going to take off.

Click here to see Gundlach’s full presentation >

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