GUNDLACH: We Got The Guy Who Stole My Artwork, And All Of The Pieces Have Been Recovered

Jeff Gundlach

Earlier this month, thieves broke into Jeff Gundlach’s home and made off with $10 million worth of property including an extremely rare art collection.

Minutes ago, we learned that the thieves have been apprehended and Gundlach recovered all of his stolen art.

He just released this statement:

“My gratitude goes out to Detective David Haro and the entire Santa Monica Police Department for their skillful, tireless and respectful attention to apprehending the criminals and recovering all of the artwork stolen.  This is a great day for the art world and all those who seek order and justice in our society.  I would also like to thank the many well wishers who offered support and whose optimism over the last two weeks proved accurate.”

As the investigation is continuing, please contact the Santa Monica Police for further questions regarding the case. Also please do whatever you can to not publicize further Mr. Gundlach’s residence.

Details are limited.  However, we do know that Gundlach had offered a $200,000 reward for anyone who could help capture the criminals and recover the property.  There was also an additional $1.5 million worth of rewards for anyone who could help recover four key paintings.

Click Here To See The Artwork That Was Stolen >

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