Jeff Gundlach And Mel Gibson Were On An Elevator In Whole Foods, And What Happened Next Had Gundlach Chuckling

jeff gundlachJeff Gundlach

The legend of bond investing god Jeff Gundlach continues to grow.

After making a name for himself by accurately predicting the trajectory of interest rates, Gundlach also made successful calls on natural gas, Japanese stocks, and Apple.

After getting burglarized, he even played a critical role in tracking down his stolen goods.

All of the public success has caused his assets under management to balloon to around $60 billion.

Reuters’ Samuel Forgione and Jennifer Ablan have a new interview with Gundlach. It includes a story proving the bond god’s elevated status:

All of these calls have elevated Gundlach into something of a rock star, even in jaded Los Angeles where entertainment celebrities, not money managers, rule the roost.

He was in an elevator at a local Whole Foods grocery store with the actor Mel Gibson and a third person, he told Reuters. But it wasn’t Gibson who caught the other person’s eye, it was Gundlach.

“The guy looks around the elevator and looks at me and says: ‘You’re Jeffrey Gundlach,'” said Gundlach, chuckling a bit.

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