JEFF GUNDLACH: All Investors Should Keep This In Mind

Jeffrey Gundlach

Photo: Business Insider

In risk assets, you make 80 per cent of your money 20 per cent of the time.“Jeff Gundach said this during his conference call and presentation last night.

Basically, investors of risk assets should be prepared to take some volatility during the holding period.

Gundlach invoked this message right before he unveiled his controversial best investment idea: natural gas.

DoubleLine is accumulating a position in the energy commodity.

“Natural gas is troubled for sure,” warned Gundlach.  Surely, he won’t be surprised if the investment experiences volatility along the way.  But if Gundlach follows his own advice, he’ll being expecting to make 80 per cent of his return during 20 per cent of the holding period.

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