Rams coach Jeff Fisher tried to make his team laugh off their offensive woes in the most dismal motivation attempt of the year

Although the Los Angeles Rams are 1-1 on the season, they are the only team in the NFL that has still not scored a touchdown.

But rather than dwelling on his team’s scoring woes, this week head coach Jeff Fisher tried to make light of the entire situation.

“I told them this morning, I was running around the building with the move and everything looking for some things that I hadn’t been able to find yet for my office. I found a box, and I showed it to them — it was full of touchdowns,” Fisher said on Wednesday with a laugh. “So we watched some touchdowns today.”

Fisher also tried to extend this lighthearted approach to practice, where he apparently made his players stand in the end zone with a football in their hands so that they could remember what scoring was like.

“He hands us the ball and he’s like, ‘Here.’ Then he makes us stand in the end zone, and he’s like, ‘You see this? This is a football. This is the end zone. This is where you’re supposed to be,'” tight end Lance Kendricks said after practice on Wednesday. “So we kind of laugh at it, but I know he’s kind of serious.”

“It has to be fun — this business has to be fun,” Fisher added. “As long as they’re doing the work, and focused, and executing, and doing the things we’ve asked, then it’s OK to have some fun here and there.”

How should we interpret this?

Is a coach, one who is most famous for going a perennial 7-9, reminding his team of professional football players what a touchdown looks like lighthearted and fun? Condescending? Motivational? Downright sad?

The Rams play the Buccaneers on Sunday. Who knows, maybe they will even score a touchdown.

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