Patrick Byrne's DeepCapture Is Keeping A Database Of Unfriendly Journalists And Their Facebook Friends

Patrick Byrne

This is amazing and disturbing though not at all surprising.

Patrick Byrne, the CEO of (OSTK), has always had it out for journalists who don’t buy into his theories about the naked short-selling cabal.

But, Barry Ritholtz has discovered the most ridiculous thing yet. His site — which is ground zero for the naked short selling fringe — has a public database of all the journalists he despises AND THEIR FACEBOOK friends.

Since it’s all public on the internet, I’ll just post a chunk here, to show what I mean.

Joe Weisenthal,Abby Blake (Wesleyan)
Joe Weisenthal,Abigail Krasner Balbale (Harvard)
Joe Weisenthal,”Abigail Martin (East Bay, CA)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Adam Haggerty (Raleigh / Durham, NC)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Adam Hirsch (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Adam Isserlis (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,Adam North
Joe Weisenthal,Adam Ostrow (Mashable)
Joe Weisenthal,Adrian Salda´┐Ża (NYU)
Joe Weisenthal,”Ahana Richards (Boston, MA)”
Joe Weisenthal,Aidan Smith (Vassar)
Joe Weisenthal,”Alex Codlin (Las Vegas, NV)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Alex Lines (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,Alex Moreland (UBC)
Joe Weisenthal,”Alex Reeves (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Alexa Stevenson (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,Alexandra Kaun (Tufts)
Joe Weisenthal,Alice Marwick (NYU)
Joe Weisenthal,”Allison M. Broder (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Allison Mooney (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Alyson Shontell (New York, NY)”
Joe Weisenthal,”Amanda DeCamp Kump (Chicago, IL)”
Joe Weisenthal,Amanda Kelso (Google)
Joe Weisenthal,Amanda Natividad (UCLA)

Pretty unbelievable eh?

John Carney, Henry Blodget, and many, many others are on there as well. So if you’re friends with any of them, you’re now officially being watched by Patrick Byrne and crew. Sorry!

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