Jeff Bridges Is Bringing The Best Book From Your Middle School Reading List To The Big Screen

bridges giver

Jeff Bridges just optioned the rights to Lois Lowry‘s 1993 futuristic classic The Giver and will reportedly star in its film adaptation.

Bridges will play the wise elder who takes on the main character as a protege.

The Giver has loose sci-fi themes and is young adult fiction — which puts it, on paper, in the same lit category as books-turned-megamovies like Twilight and I Am Number Four.

But in reality, it’s much subtler and more gradually paced than those stories.

So it will be interesting to see which audience — tweens and teens or adults — Bridges’ adaptation ends up being aimed at.

And it will be doubly interesting to see how whatever studio he eventually partners with promotes it.

We can already see one marketing battle coming from a mile away: though in the book, the main character is twelve years old, studio brass may push to up the age — so they can cast a teen-friendly name.

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