JEFF BEZOS: The Kindle Fire HD Is The Best Tablet In The World -- At Any Price

Jeff BezosBold!

Tricia Duryee of All Things D has posed an excellent long interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.Bezos had a lot of interesting things to say, one of which was this:

Amazon has now made the best tablet in the world–at any price.

And what tablet is that?

The Kindle Fire HD with the 8.9 inch screen–the one that comes with high-speed LTE wireless.

Specifically, in response to a question about what message he wanted people to take away from his Kindle presentation last week, Bezos said:

…we have the best tablet at any price. Last year, we wanted to build the best tablet at a certain price. And, this year, we wanted to build the best tablet at any price. Take away the price and it’s still the best tablet. It also happens to be only $499.

The Kindle Fire HD with the larger screen is modestly smaller than Apple’s iPad. It’s considerably cheaper than the LTE iPad version. And now, thanks to Amazon’s decision to let Kindle users pay to opt out of seeing ads, the new Kindle won’t necessarily come with the unavoidable “special offers” that were widely panned by the technorati after last week’s Kindle launch.

It will be interesting to see what sort of outcry Bezos’s statement about the Kindle Fire HD being the best tablet in the world provokes from the Apple community. They’re pretty pleased with their iPad.

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