Jeff Bezos just drove that giant Method-2 mechsuit everyone thought was fake

We’ve seen this movie before… Picture: Jeff Bezos/Twitter

Back in January, some footage went viral of engineers mucking around in 4-metre tall mechsuit somewhere in Korea:

It was created by a team of 30 at a company called Hankook Mirae Technology, which at the time didn’t have a website, and apparently would set you back $US8.3 million if you wanted one.

A search took you instead to a website for Vitaly Bulgarov, who works a day job as a visual effects artists and designer on blockbuster Hollywood pics such as the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell”.

So obviously, it was fake. Which was annoying, because “Method-2” was so damn cool, even if it just stomped up and down and waved its arms about a bit.

But Bulgarov went on a bit of a media tour insisting it was real, and that the videos weren’t meant to go viral.

Hankook Mirae Technology, he said, wasn’t planning on press releases and promos and a proper website until later in 2017, when Method-2 was complete.

Fast forward to Amazon’s annual robotics conference, on right now. If Method-2 is fake, Jeff Bezos is in on the joke:

MARS, as the private conference is known, stands for an acronym for Machine learning, home Automation, Robotics and Space exploration.

Bezos is these days almost as well-known for living his space exploration fantasies as he is for the online store which made him a multi-billionaire.

“Why am I feeling so much like Sigourney Weaver?” Bezos said while taking Method-2 for a spin.

Here’s the video, shared by someone at the conference:

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