People are praising Jeff Bezos and calling him a ‘genius’ after he slammed the National Enquirer and accused them of blackmail in a shocking blog post

CEO of, Inc. Jeff Bezos. Getty Images
  • In an extraordinary blog post on Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the National Enquirer and its parent company AMI& threatened to publish intimate personal photos of the billionaire tech exec.
  • According to Bezos, AMI allegedly threatened to publish the photos, unless he stopped his investigation into how they leaked – and unless he made a statement disavowing that the original National Enquirer investigation into his alleged affair was politically motivated.
  • Bezos said that he refuses to give in to “extortion and blackmail,” and believes that it would be a “lie” to say that there was no political motive.
  • Applause for Bezos’ public response and for his standing up to alleged extortion efforts by the National Enquirer erupted on Twitter Thursday evening.

Read how people are responding to Jeff Bezos:^tfw^tfw^tfw

Beyond the praise, the subject matter and the parties involved – AMI CEO David Pecker and Bezos – created the perfect storm on social media. The Huffington Post’s headline really kicked things off.^tfw

Still, some tried to come up with their own headlines.

And some just questioned if life could really be real.

AMI’s overall strategy was brought into question.^tfw

Some pointed to the plot similarities of a certain superhero movie.

Then, there was this awkward LinkedIn connection.

Tech news essentially stopped on Thursday, as all were consumed with the Bezos blog post.

And with all the jokes out there now, there will likely be some regret tomorrow.^tfw