Jeb Bush admits he smoked pot 40 years ago: 'Sorry Mum'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) admitted he smoked marijuana 40 years ago in Wednesday’s GOP debate.

Rand Paul was asked a question about his position on marijuana legalization. He said he believed in the 10th Amendment, which he said leaves such issues for states to decide.

Paul said federal laws are biased against poorer users, who too frequently are tossed into jail and then can’t find work. Paul said rich kids could smoke pot and get away with it. He pointed to a candidate on stage who he said had admitted to smoking marijuana.

CNN moderator Jake Tapper asked who he was talking about, in particular. Bush then interjected and made the admission.

“So 40 years ago, I smoked marijuana.” he said. In January, Bush had revealed his past use of marijuana while he attended the Andover boarding school in Massachusetts.

 Several minutes later, Bush’s account tweeted an apology to his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush:

He said, however, that didn’t make him a hypocrite when he opposed a ballot initiative that would have legalised marijuana in Florida.

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