JEB BUSH: Here's why I think Donald Trump is a 'jerk'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) on Wednesday laid out exactly why he thinks GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is a “jerk.”

Responding to a question from a potential Trump supporter at town-hall event in New Hampshire, Bush said he called Trump a jerk after Trump appeared to mock the physical disability of New York Times journalist Serge Kovaleski in November.

“When anybody disparages people with disabilities, it sets me off. That’s why I called him a jerk. Because he disparaged a person who he knew had a disability and make fun of him,” Bush said.

Bush also knocked Trump for offending large swathes of the electorate with inflammatory rhetoric about key issues like immigration. 

“Do you want a president who disparages women? Muslims of all kinds, people with disabilities, Hispanics. I mean, we’re getting down to about 90% of all people here. I mean at what point do we say, ‘Enough of this?'”

The former Florida governor has been one of the most outspoken critics of Trump throughout the course of the campaign. Lately, he has ratcheted up his attacks on Trump’s rhetoric and on his knowledge of key foreign-policy and national-security issues.

“Look, the guy’s not serious. He’s not a serious person. He can’t be commander in chief,” Bush told Business Insider late last year, amid the firestorm over Trump’s proposal to bar Muslim immigrants and tourists from entering the US.

“He doesn’t have plans. This is all dog-whistle talk. This is to provoke anger. This is to — with all due respect to the media — this is to generate massive attention to him.”

Bush did have some praise for Trump on Wednesday, noting that he appreciated his presidential rival’s outspoken persona and immodesty about his own success. 

“I like the fact that he is not embarrassed about his success. I think we ought to be celebrating success in life,” Bush said. “I like the fact — to a limit — that’s he’s politically incorrect. Because we’re way too uptight. There’s no more leeway anymore. There’s no margin of error.”

Bush did, however, warn that not every member of his family harbored any positive feelings for Trump. 

“Don’t ask my mother what she thinks,” Bush said.

Watch Bush’s comments below:


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