JEB BUSH: Here's when Donald Trump really 'bugs me'

The No. 1 target of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s insults said in a Thursday interview that he finds the trash-talk “amusing.”

Trump constantly calls former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) a “low-energy” person, among other campaign-trail taunts.

Bush said on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the attacks don’t bother him.

“No, because I work my tail off. I find it amusing,” Bush said, according to an advance transcript provided by Fox News.

He added that he doesn’t find all of Trump’s statement funny, however — particularly the stuff he labelled divisive.

“Most of what Trump says I find amusing, except for the stuff that is hurtful, that I know for a fact when you think about people struggling and you think about the hardship that people are going through right now and some of the things he says are hurtful to them,” Bush said.

Bush previously criticised Trump for his tone while railing against illegal immigration. Trump accuses the Mexican government of sending “rapists” across the border and has chastised Bush for speaking Spanish.

“That bugs me, I have to admit it, because public service should be about lifting people up, not tearing us apart,” Bush added on Fox News.

In the same interview, Bush also accused Trump of not having sincerely held political beliefs. He pointed to Trump’s vow to deport the millions of people who came into the US illegally as something that simply isn’t a “practical approach.”

“I’m not sure what his deeply held beliefs are. But he uses language that clearly is inciting people’s anger and their legitimate concerns about the border without having a tangible solution to it. The idea that you would deport in two years 12 million people, that’s a half a million people a month,” Bush said.

“There’s no possibility that that could happen. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, it would destroy communities,” he continued, citing some of the things he would do to crack down on illegal immigration. “There’s a lot of good things that we can do to create a tangible strategy to fix this.”

The full interview is set to air on Fox News at 6 p.m.

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