Jean-Marie Le Pen has issued an ultimatum to his daughter over the future of France’s far-right

In an open letter to Marine Le Pen, or as her father addresses her nowadays, the “president of the Front National,” Jean-Marie Le Pen called for her to unite the far-right in France or face competition.

In the letter made public on Tuesday, the founder and former leader of the Front National (FN), now one of France’s biggest parties, threatened his daughter and sent her an ultimatum, to ensure the “unity of her movement and of the national movement.”

Otherwise Le Pen wrote that he would work to bring together the far-right situated outside of the FN including the more radical and extreme far-right movements.

Le Pen, who was ousted from the FN over six months ago after falling out with his daughter, wrote that the party needed to play its role as the spine of a national movement, “We must not lose part of our political capital in the hope to conquer others. You have to be yourself,” he stated.

“If our approach is not successful, as we are aware of the terrible dangers that threaten our country, we will not give up, and will then reluctantly act outside the FN.”

Le Pen has been toying with the idea of creating a new party for over a year now, but the first announcement last summer did not result in any concrete steps. The letter also mentioned numerous pressing demands for him to organise inside or in parallel to the Front National a gathering of “true patriotic political will, loyal to a decisive change.”

Le Pen and his daughter fell out as she distanced herself and the party from more extreme far-right movements and has slowly been moving into the mainstream political landscape, while continuing with a radical stance on many issues and championing anti-immigration policies which some regarded as racist or xenophobic.

Winning the “battle” for the French presidential election in 2017 is a categorical imperative, Jean-Marie Le Pen added.

“The victory will be a challenge, one of those miracles that allowed over the course of history the sustainability of France.

“I feel that throughout this year I have done everything to help unite the movement. This letter is a last effort before it is definitely too late,” he concluded.

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