JCPenney's New Concept Shops Are Killing It, And Here's Proof

JC Penney

JCPenney CEO and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson has been constantly criticised for his performance thus far in the turnaround attempt of the ailing retailer, but now, he’s got some very good news.

JCPenney’s new shops inside the department stores are rocking 20 per cent higher comps than the rest of the store.

“Shops are working,” said Johnson.

What’s he most impressed with?

The Levi’s shop is his pride and joy — the one with the denim bar. It’s getting double digit comps in mens. 

“Both are doing well above what we planned,” said Johnson.

Johnson also focused on Sephora, a shop that JCPenney has actually had for a while now. He says that Sephora continues to comp in year six, and in the future, he’s planning on slightly larger Sephora stores. 

Izod and Liz Claiborne are also doing great, said Johnson.

The in-house jcp brand is a bit more complicated. The women’s shop is doing well, said Johnson, but the mens is behind. He said that the “colours might be a bit advanced,” since JCPenney’s offering a lot of vibrant colours like purple and orange.

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