Incredible New JCPenney Ad: We Screwed Up

jcpenney ad

JCPenney’s latest ad acknowledges the missteps the company has made in the past year. 

“It’s no secret. Recently JCPenney changed,” the company says in the new ad uploaded to its YouTube channel. “Some changes you liked, and some you didn’t. But what matters with mistakes is what we learn. We learned a very simple thing: to listen to you. To hear what you need to make your life more beautiful.”

The company lost nearly a third of its customers in 2012, after short-lived CEO Ron Johnson scrapped the popular promotions program.

Johnson’s plan was meant to revamp JCPenney’s image and appeal to young people. In reality, it alienated long-time customers, while failing to draw in new ones. 

Johnson left the company last month and was replaced by his predecessor, Mike Ullman. 

The ad also begs customers to return to the store. 

“Come back to J.C. Penney. We heard you. Now, we’d love to see you,” it says. 

Watch it here: 

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