Just Weeks After Being Ousted, Former JCPenney President Michael Francis Has Been Hired By Gap

jcpenney michael francis

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Michael Francis, the former JCPenney president and Target CMO, has signed on with a new retailer.He’s going to be joining Gap on Sept. 17 to be a marketing creative advisor, reports Natalie Zmuda at AdAge

Being an advisory role, Francis will be working two weeks per month at the Gap offices.

Francis left Target in 2011 to be part of JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson’s executive team, which the former Apple retail chief handpicked to help him turn around the troubled department store.

But 11 weeks ago, Francis was ousted just eight months on the job at JCPenney, after his marketing strategy confused consumers and failed to resonate with them. He had been in charge of marketing, merchandising, product development and more.

“I felt compelled to dive in and help with the new strategy,” Johnson told Women’s Wear Daily. “Michael and I both concluded we didn’t need two hands on the same steering wheel. The marketing I largely left to him. The fact that it hasn’t resonated [meant] I had to get involved.”

Veteran retail consultant and former 16-year Morgan Stanley retail analyst Walter Loeb said that Francis didn’t deserve all the blame at JCPenney and referred to him as a “fall guy.”

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