JCPenney Has Quietly Unveiled A Brand New Logo

JCPenny new logo

At the beginning of Ron Johnson’s short-lived but infamous reign as JCPenney CEO in January 2012, he unveiled a logo that completely rebranded the company as JCP.

It was its third in as many years.

Following Johnson’s dismissal, a result of losing $43 billion in sales and isolating loyal customers with its new business approach, JCPenney has made a concerted effort to go back to the good old days.

JCPenney logo change

Although the square shaped logo — representing the retailer’s “fair and square pricing” — still graces the company’s website, we’ve started noticing that a new logo that fully spells out the company’s name has begun to appear in various promotional packages:

Bloomberg attributes the retailer’s recent upturn in sales to these very promotional deals.

jcpenney ad

A similar logo, different colour, played at the end of JCPenney’s recent apology ad, which admitted “it’s no secret” the company messed up with 2012’s changes and then begged consumers to come back.

That’s right, as we noted last week, the company nixed the only thing that Johnson successfully changed.

jcpenney 2011 logo

And its different from the logo that came directly before Johnson’s alteration. The 2011 logo’s font is thinner. The new logo also dropped the box, which perhaps was too reminiscent of the recently-ended era.

But is the quiet change a good idea?

E Score Brand JCPenney logo recognition

According to E-Poll Market Research, each new redesign of the logo since 2010 makes consumers become less and less aware of the brand.

JCPenney hasn’t formally announced a logo change and didn’t return our emails for confirmation, but given its recent apology tour and dedication to bring back positive old store elements in its new chapter, the change certainly makes logical sense.

Tell us what you think of the change in the comments.

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