JCPenney, Martha Stewart Living Predicted To Die In The Next Year [THE BRIEF]

jcpenney thank you ad

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

24/7 Wall Street has released its annual list of the brands it expects will die before the end of 2014. In spite of its rebranding campaign and apology tour, the struggling JCPenney tops the list. Other goners include Martha Stewart Living, which recently has only been seeing declining revenues and uninterested advertisers. Check out the others here.

McDonald’s paired up with Barilla to market a new pasta salad.

Apparently “mud-vertising” is a thing.

Videology, which assists brand and publisher’s web and mobile video campaigns, just finished a Series D funding round of $60 million.

AMC’s “The Pitch” is gearing up for a second season with 14 small and medium sized independent agencies, mostly out of California.

BBDO made an emotional ad for AT&T’s campaign aiming to stop texting while driving.

Now surgeons are using Vine to show the public what brain surgery is like.

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