JCPenney Just Accidentally Gave Away A Bunch Of Free Stuff

joe fresh jcpenney

JCPenney accidentally gave away a bunch of free washcloths and towels thanks to some savvy customers who hacked a coupon code. 

The coupon offered $10 off of purchases of $10 or more, according to the Consumerist. So some customers started tabulating small purchases that added up to $10 which they could then get for free. 

There were also no restrictions on the coupon code, so the same people could make purchases over and over. 

One deals website recommended that customers purchase a $6 towel and $4 washcloth. 

Now, every single colour is back ordered, Consumerist reported. 

Giving away free stuff is the last thing JCPenney needs right now. 

The retailer is short on cash and just announced that sales would be down 16% this quarter. 

The company hasn’t addressed the snafu. 

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