JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson Reveals One Important Thing He Learned From Steve Jobs

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Photo: Aimee Groth / Business Insider

JCPenney CEO and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson was interviewed at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen this week.He revealed a great little tidbit about what he learned from his former boss, the late Steve Jobs, on the importance of design and its impact on customers.

Take it away, Ron:

“The thing I learned from Steve, Steve was really proud of saying that in his career, in his life, he had three times he got to be part of the interface: the mouse and how that changed, you know, personal computing; the scroll wheel and how that changed the iPod, it gave you access to all your music; and then the big one was the touch screen.

The interface design change is what enables the change in customer experience for your product. So I keep thinking about how do we create a new interface for retail, that starts really from home or wherever you are in a digital way. When you come to the store, it’s a totally different experience. But it makes the physical store indispensable in a digital world.”

And that’s exactly what he’s trying to do at JCPenney — change the design interface, and thus, provide a better customer experience.

After all, something drastic had to be done to the retailer, which was already in a heap of trouble by the time Johnson was hired to turn things around.

Will the changes he’s making at JCPenney work as spectacularly well as the three revolutionary changes Jobs was a part of? That’s the big question.

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