JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson Is A Huge Fan Of Mannequins

JC Penney

JCPenney CEO and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson is in the process of totally revamping the physical appearance of his department stores.

Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Diane Brady recently caught up with Johnson to talk about the transformation.

Here’s what Johnson had to say about JCPenney and mannequins. He’s particularly proud of what he has done with them:

“I love the heavy use of mannequins, the focus on display. I like that every environment is pure. That’s an Izod fixture that’s designed by them. The signage is 100 per cent what Izod wants. Levi’s has designed these tables after doing a lot of research.

I think we bought 55,000 mannequins. All new mannequins, more energy, better style. We’ve got teams that are dressing mannequins in a whole new way. Historically the merchant picked the mannequin. We now let the design teams do that, because they tend to mix things in a way that is really artful. We rarely wear a brand head to toe. We go in the closet and we go, “Let’s mix it up.”

The defining accomplishment of Johnson’s career is the creation of the Apple Store, which stands out because of its layout and focus on display. At JCPenney, display is equally as important to Johnson.

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