Jaymes "Six Point" Diaz Made A Hilarious Appearance On The ABC last night

Jaymes “six point” Diaz appeared on The ABC’s skit show The Hamster Wheel last night. It was a lot of fun.

Before he came on stage, there was a cardboard cut-out of the former candidate for the Western Sydney seat of Greenway.

The presenter is heard to say “Jaymes Diaz not showing up to an election event, that would be a surprise,” before the real Diaz emerges from backstage.

The former Liberal candidate is then asked to describe his campaign as either Successful, or “room for improvement.”

Diaz thinks about the response before a man appears at his side, shuffling him away before he can answer.

During the campaign Diaz was blasted by various media outlets for not answering questions.

He was reportedly cautioned on speaking to media after his infamous “six point plan” gaffe.

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