Jaymes Diaz Will Be Dumped By The Liberal Party Even If He Wins His Seat At The Election: Report

Jaymes Diaz will be dumped by the Liberal Party even if he wins the election, according to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The SMH is reporting, citing unnamed sources, that Diaz will be dumped so that his Western Sydney electorate does not replace him with an independent next time around.

It has been a rough few weeks for Diaz, who has a good chance of winning his seat of Greenway, according to polls.

First he became an international laughing stock when he could not explain one of his party’s policies.

Since then, several publications, both local and national, have run articles lambasting his lack of availability to the media. One of these even had a Where’s Wally carton costume drawn over his image.

Even Paul Howes, the secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union and one of the Labor Party’s original “faceless men” had a dig at him.


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