Jayme Closs' alleged captor claims he and the teen played board games and cooked together in the 2 months he held her hostage

Barron County Sheriff’s Department
  • Jake Patterson, 21, is accused of breaking into Jayme Closs’ Barron, Wisconsin, home in October 2018, fatally shooting the teen’s parents and kidnapping her.
  • Investigators say Patterson then held Jayme captive until January 10, when Jayme escaped.
  • Jayme told investigators that Patterson would force her under his bed for hours, often without food or bathroom breaks.
  • Patterson called reporter Jennifer Mayerle, of CBS Station WCCO in Minneapolis, from jail on Friday, saying he and Jayme cooked and played board games while she was in captivity.

The man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs says that they played board games and cooked together during the 13-year-old’s 88 days in captivity.

In a phone call to WCCO reporter Jennifer Mayerle in Minneapolis, suspected kidnapper Jake Patterson, 21, said he loved Jayme and had regretted about what happened.

Investigators say Patterson confessed to breaking into Jayme’s Barron, Wisconsin, home in October 2018, killing the teen’s parents and kidnapping her.

Patterson called Mayerle from the Polk County Jail on Friday and in the brief conversation talked about his time with Jayme.

“We were just watching TV, playing board games, talking about stuff,” he said. “We cooked a lot; everything we made was homemade.”

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Police say Patterson admitted to dragging Jayme into the trunk of his car on the night of the murders, then driving 70 miles to Gordon, Wisconsin, where he held her hostage for months.

Patterson is alleged to have targeted Jayme at random after seeing her boarding her school bus last year.

Jayme told investigators she was often forced under Patterson’s bed for hours without food or bathroom breaks. She was able to escape Patterson’s house in January while he was not home.

Patterson was charged with murder and kidnapping in February. He’s due in court on March 27, according to CBS News.

Patterson previously wrote a letter to a reporter at KARE 11 News, saying he acted “mostly on impulse” but does not “think like a serial killer.”

He told Mayerle he confessed because “I didn’t want to cause any more trouble, I guess.”

Closs has been living with her aunt since escaping captivity.

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