Jay-Z's New Sports Agency Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Breaking NFL Rules

Jay-Z Roc Nation Geno Smith

The NFL Players Association is investigating Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to see if the mogul violated a union rule that bans anyone but certified agents from recruiting players.

New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith denies that Jay-Z recruited him to his agency.

However, a source told USA Today’s Mark Garafolo something different.

Citing an anonymous source, Garafolo reports Jay-Z told Smith that Kimberly Miale, a Boston-based attorney and NFLPA-certified agent, would be his representative. While that may sound innocuous enough, it would violate the NFL’s “runner rule” since Jay-Z is not a certified agent.

The investigation explores the grey area between celebrity relationships and professional, legal rules disallowing such interactions.

It seems Jay-Z may be too influential for his own good.

A similar relationship was discussed early this month when New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz, a longtime friend of Jay-Z’s, signed with Creative Artists Agency, who has a partnership with Roc Nation.

The NFLPA found no issue in that circumstance.

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