Jay-Z Wants A Ton Of Private Data From Anyone Who Downloads His Samsung-Sponsored New Album [The Brief]

Samsung Jay-Z

Good morning, Adland. Here’s what you need to know today:

Jay-Z’s Samsung-sponsored download of his new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” asks for a huge amount of personal marketing data before anyone can download the app, according to Gawker. Permission requests include location, permission to access and delete files in storage, permission to keep the phone from sleeping, and phone call status. See the screengrab at right.

WPP will create a new group, called “Plus,” dedicated to Chanel’s digital, creative and media buying operations.

BBDO loses Coors Light in Canada over a conflict with its Bud Light account in Chicago.

Martha Stewart agreed to a 10% pay cut as her troubled licensing and retail empire wains.

Twitter will honour “Do Not Track” settings in your browser when it starts its cookie-based advertising system. previously, major advertising businesses had vowed to ignore “Do Not Track” signals if they were the default position of the browser, as chosen by the manufacturer and not the user.

Newcastle Brown Ale created a “new” July 3 holiday: Pre-Independence Day. “Enjoy American freedom by celebrating British rule,” is the tagline.

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