Jay Z has pulled one of his albums from Spotify

Jay Z has pulled his debut album “Reasonable Doubt” from Spotify, days after launching his own rival streaming site, Tidal.

Bloomberg reports that Jay Z’s debut album disappeared from Spotify in the early hours of the morning. But there’s one important thing to note: Reasonable Doubt is still available on international versions of Spotify, just not on the US service.

It’s likely that Jay Z pulled his album from Spotify in the US as a move to establish Tidal as the best place online to find his music.

One of the first changes that took place on Tidal after Jay Z acquired it was a small edit to the search function that meant that when people searched for “Jay Z” it showed his music (previously his music was filed under “Jay-Z,” which is outdated.)

Here’s what Reasonable Doubt looks like in the UK:

It even includes the bonus Fool’s Paradise remix of “Can’t Knock The Hustle.”

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