The Sweet Life Of Jay-Z: How The Hottest Agent In Sports Spends His $475 Million

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Jay-Z’s newest venture is Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency that’s just four months old.

The agency has already signed stars like Robinson Cano and Kevin Durant, and Jay even ditched his stake in the Brooklyn Nets so he could represent basketball players.

Despite making waves as a “part owner” of the Nets, this agency will probably be his legacy in the sports world.

Jay is signing players who grew up idolizing him as both a rapper and a mogul. His lifestyle — the houses, hanging out with Obama, getting married to BEYONCE — makes him an aspirational figure for young athletes, and is a big part of his appeal as an agent.

He broke into the sports world by buying a stake of the Brooklyn Nets.

His share was a actually shockingly small 0.067% (worth about $355,000).

Source: Darren Rovell

He sold his stake in the team in May so he could start a sports agency called Roc Nation Sports.

Despite only being in existence for a few months, Roc Nation has signed a bunch of high-profile talent.

Kevin Durant is the biggest star to sign on.

WNBA player Skylar Diggins signed with Roc Nation, and Jay gave her a Mercedes.

So why are all these athletes ditching established agencies for a four-month-old company?

He's Jay-Z!

He's married to Beyonce.

He lives in a $6.85-million apartment in Manhattan.

Source: NY Observer

He hangs out with Obama.

He reportedly rented a $400,000-month summer house in the Hamptons last year.

Source: NY Post

He travels the world with Beyonce as King and Queen of American pop culture.

There was a wild but believable rumour last year that Beyonce bought him a $40-million plane for Father's Day.

Source: Perez Hilton

He's worth an estimated $475 million.

Source: Forbes

He has made 12 platinum albums, but most of his wealth has nothing to do with music.

Source: Billboard

He sold Rocawear for $204 million and has deals with Budweiser, Samsung, and Duracell.

Despite not longer being an owner, his takeover of the sports world may be just beginning.

Now see how his lifestyle compares to another mogul

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