Jay-Z Drops Suit Over 40/40 Club Chef's Chicken Wing Recipe

jayzChicken wings are no laughing matter.

On Wednesday, Jay-Z sued Mike Shand, the former chef of his 40/40 club, for $1.5 million and on Thursday, it was revealed the beef was over … a chicken wing recipe.Today, the New York Post is reporting that Jay-Z has dropped the suit. But all is still not well between the music mogul and his personal-turned-club chef.

Shand’s lawyer, Vik Pawar, confirmed to the Post that the club dropped the suit, but says that “We still may sue the club for defamation of character and for the return of his possessions, including his laptop, which the club still has.”

The original suit came after Shand refused to hand over his own special spice mix for chicken wings—despite giving up all other recipes—when departing the 40/40 club after Jay wasn’t pleased with the chef’s revamped club menu.

Apparently, Jay-Z prefers chicken wings over king crab sliders. Noted.

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